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If you are a songwriter or solo artist looking for a way to get your music produced as a full band, I want to hear from you!  I am a multi-instrumentalist and producer and have creating tons of tracks from scratch for both my own albums and other artists in your shoes.  Check out my stuff on Spotify or iTunes, as well as artists like Jake Bowles for examples of full productions I've created.

The way it works is simple.  We can collaborate online by you simply sending me a rough recording of you singing and/or playing your song.  We will talk about what you are looking for, the vibe of your song, style, sound, etc...and go from there.  If you are across the country and want to sing your song, you will have to get to a studio, have a friend, buy some equipment or do it yourself for vocals...but everything else I can take care of for you!

Being a songwriter myself, I love helping bring an idea into a full production.  So if you have a bunch of songs you need to produce and don't know where to begin, let's talk.

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