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Technology today has made it possible to record high quality tracks for basically anyone, anywhere.  So what is the benefit of hiring an engineer to guide the process?  Where to begin...

First and possibly most allows you, as the musician, to just be a musician.  I can't explain how important this is.  If you've heard the saying, "Jack of all trades, master on none.." this basically explains why it's so important to just be a musician when creating music that will be recorded and on display forever.  If you are too busy juggling all the hats of producer, songwriter, musician, engineer, tech, problem solver, mixer, can't put all of your energy into what is truly an inspiring and memorable performance.

If you hire me as your engineer to track your record, there are a few options.  I don't personally own my own studio anymore, at least not for recording bands in.  However, like most pros in the business, I'm available to work out of any studio in your area that fits the needs of your project.  I'm willing to help with this process in setting up studio time in a fantastic studio that fits your needs.

Another option is location recording.  While I don't currently have a "studio" setup, I have all the gear required for one.  One of my favorite albums I've recorded was in a church out in the middle of nowhere, that we were allowed to use for a couple of weeks thanks to the father of the artist I was working with.  Also, all of my personal albums have been recorded in homes, closets, dining rooms, basements, lofts, etc...anywhere that sounds good and provides enough isolation from outside noise to eliminate distractions.  If you, your band, or someone you know have a great rehearsal space, a giant great room, or a church that would be perfect for recording...this can be one of the funnest and most inspiring ways to make a record.  Let's talk!

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