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Once you have recorded your album and had it mixed, and everything sounds's time for the final step..MASTERING!

So, upfront...I'm not a mastering engineer.  If you are looking to have your stuff professionally mastered, I can refer you to several great engineers who will do an amazing job.  I typically focus on producing, recording and mixing.

However, I've also mastered tons of albums for people who either don't have the budget to go elsewhere, or simply don't want to.  I've even mastered some of my own albums.  Check out my EP "Crazy Time" or Jordan Indiana Gonzalez's self titled album for examples of stuff I've mixed and mastered myself.

So what is mastering?  It is the final step in making a record before sending it to duplication/replication.  It is basically taking all of your songs that you've recorded, be it 1 or 20...and making them all flow on one record.  Overall sonic adjustments are usually made such as eq and compression, limiting, etc. in order to make everything sound equal in quality and volume.  Then there are steps involving entering all of the data, codes, etc. for your tracks.  For more information just get a hold of me.  One way or the other, we can always take your production across the finish line.

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